Technical Specifications

System Overview

Below is the overview diagram of the system.
Brilliantcrypto operates as a client-server system to deliver its services.

Game Client

The game client provides the user interface, facilitating communication with the game server and blockchain in response to user actions. By incorporating wallet functionality, this client enables players to manage and trade their crypto assets, handling creation, sending, and confirmation of transactions.

Game Server

The game server records and manages player actions and in-game progress. It stores off-chain information (mining progress, ownership of in-game items, etc.) in a database. Constant communication is made with the game server during mining, enabling functions such as multiplayer mining. The game server system has an online wallet, and carries out transactions on the blockchain such as reward distribution to users and minting of NFTs.


The blockchain ensures the permanent record of assets held by players and Brilliantcrypto. Brilliantcrypto utilizes two blockchains, Ethereum and Polygon PoS, based on functionalities and assets/items.