About the Projcet


In Bitcoin, when a new block is generated on the blockchain, “Proof of Work,” a process of performing calculations in order to determine a fixed hash number applicable to that block is carried out. By using powerful computers with the ability to perform these intensely complex calculations, one is able to raise the probability of finding the correct hash, at the cost of consuming an incredible amount of electricity in the process.

As a result of that process, Bitcoin is able to maintain security and liquidity in the market, while also raising its value as a digital asset.

Our “Proof of Gaming” is a model that takes what Proof of Work has achieved and introduces it to the game world. The value of the gemstones are guaranteed as players from around the world play the game. Proof of Gaming takes place as players play the game, the time and effort they have spent gaming will become the value of the gemstones they mine. And, as these gemstones are mined by the hands of the players, they will remain in the hands of the players, allowing the value to be returned to those who have created it.

The gemstones that have their value guaranteed through Proof of Gaming are not just in-game items, but they have the potential to be carried into a plethora of metaverse worlds, meeting the needs of those from those worlds who require gemstone-based accessories, wedding rings and such.

While Brilliantcrypto is a Play-to-Earn game, it is also a place where you can create new value that will be brought out into society. We hope you’ll join us in this brand new world.