About the Project

About the Project

Welcome to the world of Brilliantcrypto!

Brilliantcrypto is a blockchain game that introduces a new model called "Proof of Gaming", and aims for sustainable Play-to-Earn. It is a mining game where users aim to acquire the authentic gemstones of the digital world. The items acquired within the game can be minted into NFTs, and have the potential to be brought into various metaverses outside the game. Moreover, Brilliantcrypto aims to create new value in the world by leveraging emerging technologies such as Metaverse, Web3.0, and AI.

This document provides an extensive overview of Brilliantcrypto, covering everything from its fundamentals to the game system. Additionally, watching the promotional video alongside this document will enhance your understanding.

*The content of this document is subject to change due to Brilliantcrypto being in the development phase.