About the Projcet


Play to Earn

At present, X-to-Earn games, such as “Play-to-Earn” and “Move-to-Earn” exist in an economic bubble, with a repeating cycle of sudden growth and drastic downfall within a short space of time–leading to a current downturn in player numbers and token value. Traditional “X-to-Earn” game players play games for their own benefit, and do not provide any benefit to other players within or outside the ecosystem. Sustainability is impossible, because players are not generating any new value other than the price they originally paid in-order to take part.

Further, traditional “X-to-Earn” games are set up to allow the early investors to gain increasing profit the more money the game accumulates. However, the total value in the ecosystem will not rise no matter how you use the token economically in game. So once the influx of new players begins to subside, the investment of assets in game decreases, and since users stop profiting, they will leave which in turn puts a stopper on new users entering the game, eventually sending the ecosystem into a death spiral. This type of situation leads to the loss of users, the sudden decrease in value of the token, and this is where the current problem in sustainability lies.


Metaverse worlds as a genre are in an early stage of development, lacking a fully established economic ecosystem involving income and consumption. This is considered to be one of the factors hindering their widespread adoption.

While there is a considerable desire for individuals to immerse themselves in these worlds, the lack of a robust economic system necessitates a return to the real world and prevents full immersion and engagement in the Metaverse experience.

Gemstones in Digital Worlds

In the event that humanity finds itself immersed in digital, metaverse worlds, it will become necessary to verify that digital items are authentic. For items such as brand goods, or art, the company that originally created them will be able to guarantee that they are authentic in digital data. This, in other words, makes the item truly authentic.

However, there is an item that will be a necessity in the digital metaverse world that has no creator or entity to guarantee this authenticityーgemstones with real value in the digital world. Also, as there is no verifier, there exists therefore a necessity to give value to the gemstones that will satisfy the needs of the people. We believe that this is the issue that stands in the way of realizing digital world gemstones with real value.