About the Projcet



In recent years, “X-to-Earn” games which function on the blockchain and allow you to earn tokens as you play have gathered attention worldwide, such as Play-to-Earn or Move-to-Earn. One reason for this attention is that “the profit to be gained by playing is comparably high.” A trigger for this could be seen in the Web3 game “Axie Infinity,” where players in regions such as Southeast Asia were able to earn more than a regular wage for their region. Furthermore, the arrival of STEPN, the so-called “Move-to-Earn” game where one could earn money simply by walking, accelerated this focus on the genre. We believe that the concept of earning money while playing games has the potential to flourish into a brand new genre.


Metaverse refers to a three-dimensional virtual space constructed on the internet. In the Metaverse, various buildings line up similar to the real world and users navigate this space using their avatars, which represent themselves, allowing them to wear items like clothing, shoes, and hats to freely explore the environment. Users can also engage in communication with others, resembling real-world social interactions.

While Metaverse features have been primarily leveraged in the gaming industry, the rise of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has led companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft to provide services for virtual meetings within VR spaces and this indicates that Metaverse worlds are extending beyond gaming.

Furthermore, with the anticipated evolution of A.I., it is expected to accelerate the realization of economic ecosystems in the future.

Gemstones in Digital Worlds

With the advent of blockchain technology, starting with Bitcoin, many forms of crypto assets were born, and we now live in an era where it is not strange at all to see them being used as a form of payment. However, with regards to a quickly approaching era of digital worlds and metaverse worlds, there are items that have not yet been created that people will need. To us, that definition perfectly matches authentic gemstones that hold real value in the digital world. Since before the popularization of currency, gemstones have captured the eye of humanity, and have been used as a medium for assurance of value, exchange of value and mutual trust. We believe that as gemstones have shone throughout the history of humankind in our physical world, the same brilliance and beauty will be sought after within metaverse worlds, and digital worlds.